No matter the size of a business – whether it’s a mom and pop shop, a medium-sized company with a variety of offices in the city, or a Fortune 500 corporation – a well-rounded community in which to place that business, one that is part of the mechanism to help that business thrive and flourish, is vital to the economic health of any world-class city.

Our next stop sits at the intersection of history, culture and cuisine, where vision becomes reality and innovation magnifies our true potential as a city of opportunity.

Where will we be in the year 2027? You’re about to get a glimpse into the future.



Suzanne Scott, SARA

David Adelman, IDEA Area Real Estate

James Chandler, IMG Studios

Michael Cortez, La Familia Cortez


Topics of Discussion:

In today’s economy, high tech employees can work anywhere, so having a great city in which to live is more important than ever. Tourism, arts & culture, an energized city center, innovation and sustainability all are vital ingredients to creating a dynamic economy.

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